Traveling through France

On the 18 November,at 14.14 I boarded a train at Perpignan on my way to Barcelona Sants.There was no ticket control,and no border passport control when crossing from France into Spain.I arrived at Barcelona and left the station.I could have spared my expence in buying the ticket. This was 3days after the terrible events in Paris. I would not be surprised if it would happen again.


Paris will never be the same

Paris,the city of liberte,the city of freedom,Paris that welcomed everyone Paris fraternite,where everyone had equal rights.It I’ll be a miracle if it could stay the same. The scar is too deep to heal without leaving grave markings! Perhaps we had it too good for a long time;perhaps new generations have became restless and need the excitement of killing. Maybe they lack the experience of suffering, of loosing nearest and dearest. The world we live in is changing and Paris is changing with it through pain and loss